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Since 2016, Xpower has been integrating e-invoicing in our DMS solution. We support our customers in providing a worry-free and digital exchange of documents and invoices. Together with Advalvas, certified e-invoice service provider, we can meet today’s legal requirements with our solution.

AdValvas makes it possible to manage e-invoicing related processes by generating, receiving, booking approving and settling electronic invoices in a standardized, safe and legally compliant framework. 

In addition to our customers in Belgium, our Italian customers also work with our e-invoicing solution where Xpower makes it possible to provide the e-invoice in a standard format where that meets the requirements of the Government through a certified intermediary supplier or manual actions. 

Automation, digitization and progress, these are terms that many companies strive for today.

Xpower participates in the POOL TSPs project, where we pursue the European e-invoicing standard with project leaders and partners of the program. Standardization in terms of digitization and more specific e-invoicing is a key factor in promoting cooperation at an international level. 

Did you know that Directive 2014/55/EU is mandatory for European public institutions and offers many benefits for private companies?

E-invoicing is cost effective. E-invoicing minimizes errors. E-invoicing is a future-oriented solution. E-invoicing is sustainable. Xpower offers a secure and legally compliant solution with regard to e-invoicing.

About the PROJET POOL – TSP’s

The project is developing and has been presented by LMT Group in collaboration with Universitat de València. In addition, it is co-financed by the European Commission through its e-invoicing call from the XEF Telecom Call 2017 – e-invoicing  (CEF – TV – 2017 – 3)

The purpose of this project is to support EDI providers such as Xpower and 10 other partners fromdifferent Member States to comply with the European standard on electronic invoicing for cross-border transactions according to the directive 2014/55/EU..

What are the objectives of this project?

  • Offer a scalable e-invoicing solution that is compliant with the European standard.

  • Achieve optimum and efficient interoperability with the aim of simplifying the adoptation of the e-invoicing regulation.

  • Provide support on cross-border transactions with an interoperable e-invoicing platform.

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