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ALERTS: 03/11/2020 - Connections in the Xpower datacentre repaired

Occurring issues


11:30 AM There are currently connection issues in the Xpower data centre which may cause your XDMS or BI solution connection to disconnect.
12:10 PM Rebooting firewall that caused issues.
12:25 PM Connections repaired and performance should be stable.

If having some more troubles – please contact


We would like to inform you that on Tuesday 20 October 2020, your XDMS environment will not be available from 20.00 to 22.00 due to technical maintenance. 

This technical maintenance will have no impact on your BI environment. During and after the maintenance works, both BI and XDMS will be continuously monitored. 

On Tuesday 21 October you will be able to resume your XDMS environment as normal. 
Should you still encounter problems, please contact our Support Helpdesk via or by phone +32 9 353 90 20.

We will always keep you informed about subsequent phases of technical maintenance.